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Maxton NC May 22-23

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We will be taking the Comanche to the ECTA trials on May 22 and 23rd in Maxton NC. Here is a link to the web site



They have a 2 mile strip, you go from a standing start, and they check your speed at the end of the first mile, you then have 1 mile slow down.


If you are in the area, stop by. Ill be happy to show you the car, and i wouldn't mind having a cheering section. If we get enough people maybe we can call it a Pow Wow

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Soooo... it would appear they want money just to be able to see the rules. :doh: Do you have a rule book? any idea how much work it'd be to run my stock Dakota? I know the salt flats required a rollbar, and that's just not going to happen. :(

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hmmmm.... she's limited to 114-ish, just like all modern cars. but if I find a way to bypass it, there's no way I can't exceed 120. :( Although, I've never tried from a standing start. maybe it's harder to hit 120 inside of a mile. :dunno:

dang safety rules. I'll go look up the hot rod site.

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according to what I found, I think the street classes are allowed 135 without cages during the hotrod challange.


Street cars­ running under 135 MPH shall be allowed to run with the following exceptions to the rules: No roll structure (unless a convertible) , no fire extinguishing system, no throttle pedal toe strap. Factory seat belts are acceptable. These exceptions do not include CONVERTIBLES or PLASTIC BODIED cars.



Though my tires might limit me to 125. :doh:


Up to 125 MPH: Original equipment tire QR & RR.
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