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OME front coils $50!

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Thanks! I was kinda unsure of whether to pull the trigger or not. I wanted a bit of lift to level out the Metric ton in the front, but also wanted some heavy duty style coils, because I am going to be putting on the factory plow I have in the winter. The guy who has them is advertising 3" of lift on his XJ... Hows did yours turn out?


Rob L.

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The 930's didnt lift mine anywhere near 3". But unfortunately, like an idiot, I forgot to measure my before & after heights. They were rated at 1.75" lift and I think I got that. It still has a nice rake but is more level than it was. About perfect now. The handling is instantly noticable even with my POS shocks. If you got the 930 coils for $50, you should be in prison because you stole them. :clapping:

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