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Isuzu diesel in an MJ?

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I've read about several engine swap projects, but I am particularly interested in diesel swaps. We still have one MJ and one of my younger sons would like to get it running again. I think it would be a great truck with a decent diesel conversion. I've seen a couple of reasonably-priced VW TDIs come across Craigslist here and recently saw a full engine/drivetrain 3.1 turbodiesel setup from an Isuzu Trooper. Has anyone ever heard of an Isuzu diesel going into an MJ?

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A diesel swap is one of my dream projects for the MJ. Every now and then, I'll kill a few hours at the computer reading and researching about it, and mapping it out in my head. Then realize I don't have the time or money for it right now, and forget about it ... only to go through the same thing a few months later. 8)


the link hornbrod gave is great. Here's another good one, too: http://www.thedieselpageforums.com/tdpforum/forumdisplay.php?f=58


But based on what I've read - I think an Isuzu swap makes lots of sense. One of the main reasons being that GM's sourced their diesels from Isuzu for decades (back to the old Chevy LUV days to the modern Duramax). So I think there's a lot of off-the-shelf parts availability and drivetrain adaptability. If you were to get a hold of that complete 3.1 Trooper set-up, I'm sure you could make it fit ... where there's a will, there's a way ;)


One engine that's always interested me is the their "4BD" series of engines that were in the Isuzu/GMC NPR box trucks from the 80's through the 90's. 4cyls, 3.9L, available in Turbo or non-Turbo, direct or indirect injection. I've read that power specs on it are almost identical to the 4cyl Cummins, but the Isuzu's relatively lighter, smaller, and quieter. And I don't know if it varies regionally, but around where I'm at, a cheap Isuzu box truck donor would be a helluva lot easier to track down than anything with a Cummins in it.


Good luck! :cheers:

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