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2001 swap into a '89

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I have a 2001 XJ with 4.0,Auto and 4WD. I originally got it with the intention of swapping everything into a 1989 MJ 4.0, 5sp, 4WD. After wising up to what all was involved I;m just going to swap engines. I'm going to remove all the sensors, everything associated with the HO and replace them with Renix. I believe I will be losing a couple HP doing this but I will still have a fresher engine. Going to keep the AX15 and swap the flywheel,over to the newer engine. Hope I don't have to change manifolds also but will if necessary. Any thing I'm overlooking? Jim



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The 2001 block may not have a boss for the knock sensor. If it does, I don't think it will be tapped for it.


Check the number on the head casting. It was around 2000 that Jeep started using a head that has a reputation for cracking. There was a recent thread here in which someone provided the casting number to watch out for.

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