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Pic request...2.5 with AC (?)

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Any of you 2.5 guys here have AC (working or not) on your rigs that can share a pic with me? Project OBA is going nowhere fast :cry:


I need a visual of what the AC compressor/alt bracket looks like, and also the alternator frame and how it mounts to said bracket. I've got a later model compressor bracket (I think) that won't plug and play with my alternator, and I'm hoping there's an earlier version of it that I can find.


I can't use a newer alternator, either, because it's a single wire, non-regulated design (plus my alternator is practically brand new).





edit: Advance website has a seperate listing for a non-AC and an AC-equipped alternator (both have same amperage, tho). Hmmmm...maybe the bracket is right but my alt is wrong. Crap.

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