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Pinion angle set-up

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I've read several posts about setting the pinion angle on my new axle, but they all involved putting the axle in the truck. Can I set the angle without putting it in the truck? The reason I ask is I won't be doing the welding (new perches) at my house, so I have to mark the axle and then take it somewhere. I'm also doing a 3" lift when I put the new axle in. What is my best option for setting the pinion angle since I need the truck to take the axle somewhere?

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I've heard of guys setting up their axle, in the truck. Then drive it (gently) to get the perches welded on.

IMO the truck should be setting level, measure tranny/engine centerline, then set pinion angle, with the axle in the truck. Without a sure, true centerline/level I wouldn't trust set up any other way.

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Best way (If you cannot do everything yourself) is to put thge axle in, tack the perches and remove for welding...




That's the way I'm going to do it. Only difference is that I'm going to weld it up myself. (Out of the truck).

Actually all I have left to do is pull it back out and weld it up.

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