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97+ turn signal quirk?


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First time I noticed this was on my brother's 98 XJ. His right turn signal functions normally. However, when he'd use his left... at first, it's fine. Then when he taps the brakes, the brake lights come on, along with the right turn signal. Even after he lets off the brakes, both sides blink until he switches the blinker off.


At first I thought it was localized to his XJ, but I've noticed it on two more 97+ XJs in the last year or so while driving around.


Now that I personally have a 99 XJ, I'm wondering if any of you might know what electrical bug could be causing this, and perhaps know how to fix it?

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Its possibly that the blinker unit is bad, its not a traditional relay type, it is adaptive and meant to handle different loads.


Never noticed that with any of mine though.


Know where that is?


My 2000 XJ had this problem. I swapped out the turn signal switch and it fixed it.


The blinker unit, or the switch itself in the column?

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