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Draglink differences?

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I discovered that my drag link on the knuckle end is sloppy as all get out. Since its all a large one piece tie rod end (basically) Its not really a serviceable part, and just swaps out.


Luckily I live nearby to quadratec, although I'm not a q-tec fan...and they carry draglinks. They specify 2 different ones, 84-90 and 91-01 (i believe those were the right years but I might be off) they only list them as cherokee part, but I know they interchange.


So on my 0 dollar budget I might go to the JY and pop one off for now, SO can anyone tell me what the differences actually are?


For obvious reasons I would prefer to pull a new-er-ish one. Just don't wanna waste my time pulling a late model if its different somehow. If all else fails I might just buy a new replacement!

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damned bastard child 86!!!


Well either way it needs the entire draglink replaced, both TREs are shot at the axle side as well as the pitman arm side. So I guess as long as I get 2 compatible pieces they should work. So well see what I come up with and I will report back for other 86 owners!

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