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any one want to help(ohio)


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hay buddy

no i broke it and found motor 4 months ago it's been a little cold and snowy to change motors in the drive way lol i don't have a garage

it is ready to come out now

i am waiting for my buddy to get home from work so i can go get the puller and other motor out of his garage so it might be in tomaro u can come help it's only 3 more hour out here lol i got beer and wisky plenty of both

later :cheers:

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Kind wish I could help :(


That little 4 banger, you should just be able to tie a shoe lace on it and pull it right out with out a lift :yes:


Naw, I got the day job tomorrow to keep me busy :headpop:


And a bunch of my own work around the shop this weekend........if it don't rain again :roll:


Have fun Big D.

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