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wont start

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if i take the plug out and ground it to the vc...i should see spark when i turn it over right?

took off dc and it was a little bit dirty....cleaned it up

didnt see any spark, but i am doing this alone, so i just kinda set it on the vc to look for spark :dunno:


coil on the pass fender???

ill go check that now

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I would try to get a spark on steel not the alum valve cover...


For the coil follow the coil wire...


What do you mean "dirty" cap? When was the last tune up? Maybe its simply time for new cap, rotor, wires and plugs?!?!


You did say it ran fine last nite rite??



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Sorry stepped away for a bit... At least you got it!! Yea the WD in WD 40 stands for Water Displacement 40th version... Its designed for the displacement of water and spraying, wiping the inside of the cap is one thing its excels at!! Spraying the fuses would be just as good!! Its works well for removing some permanent markers and crayon marks too.. kinda sux for lubrication or rust prevention, but that's OK there is other stuff that works for that!!


Now do something to better protect those fuses!!! If a rain fall takes you out your not protecting them enough...



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