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i know this is an MJ club...

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I know this is an MJ club but I know alot of people run lockers on here and i need some expert guidance on my ZJ. Ok now thanks to my birthday/graduation funds, I now have enough dough to put a locker in my ZJ. Since I'm going to be upgrading my d35 in the rear after it gives out Ive decided on going with a front locker and I don't know which one to choose. Ive narrowed it down to either the Detroit Softlock or a regular Aussie Locker. I know alot of people run aussies and so far I havent herd anything bad on them. I originally wanted the detroit softlock because it seemed it was the only locker that locks up 100% of the time, and since my rig is a trailer queen it doesnt matter for street driving. I have $240 in 4wheeldrive hardware giftcards so I would be only putting about $260 cash which is only a tad bit more than what I would be paying for an Aussie because they don't sell Aussie lockers at 4wheeldrive hardware. But on the 4wd website it says that I need a front hub conversion and I have no idea what that is. It also doesnt say how hard it is to install it and neither my dad nor me know anything about axle gearing. On the other hand the Aussie locker is more streetable but again, that doesnt matter to me. It also says that if I can change brake pads I can install and aussie locker, but it also says I need to install it in an open carrier and I think I have a limited slip in the front since the jeep has the np249 transfercase (all wheel drive, 4lo). Also would installing a front locker screw up my transfercase since it is all wheel drive? do I need to use a certain gear oil with a locker? How could I tell if it has a limited slip in the front? Right now the jeep is on all four jack stands and when I put it in all wheel drive all four tires spin, when I put it in 4lo, the front driver side tire spins extreamly slow and the rear passenger tire spins extreamly slow weither it's in drive or reverse. No other tires spin so I'm guessing it does have a limited slip.




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Normally, questions about ZJ (and all other Jeeps other than XJs and MJs) should be posted in the Pub. This area is only for XJ/MJ technical discussions.


Unless Pete decides otherwise, I'll leave this post here because the ZJ front axle is a Dana 30 that could be a drop-in conversion for an XJ or an MJ (albeit the ZJ front axles are low pinion, so don't get confused -- the same lockers that fit MJs may not fit ZJs).

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I already replied on two other forums so I won't repeat myself here, but before others chime in with their opinion, note he has the NP249 transfer case (Quadratrac). Keep in mind how this case works before posting.


I also believe, but am not certain that Quadratrac includes front and rear limited slip.

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