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XJ Taillights?converting?

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I'm thinking about converting to XJ taillights, anyone here done this? or have a write up? i know its been done and ive seen a picture or two of it. i just want to know what needs to be done as far as wiring and modifying the housing.


Erik jamminz.gif


If there is, I haven't seen it. Got pics of it?

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There's been a few who went to 97+ XJ taillights,


it looks good.

I haven't seen anyone convert to 84-96 tails,

but I'm thinking it wouldn't look that great. :ack:


The all red early XJ Wagoneer taillights might look good, but those are probably tougher to find than MJ taillights. :dunno:

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I do agree that the old wagoneer tails would look best.


Hey, anything's possible with the right amount of welding wire and body filler. :D


I might try to make some out of clear lexan, then spray them with VHT nightshade this summer. We'll see what happens

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