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Valve cover question

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yes, the 97+ valve cover has a baffle in the top of it that keeps the oil inside the valve cover and out of your intake. ill be doing this upgrade this weekend. i believe STERLINGSTINGER is also :cheers:

if you come up here i am

also a caliper and new rotors for inspection

possibly 2" spacers for my coils too

lots of stuff to do smithe... :wall:



but if you go and get this vc, make sure you get the plug from the front hose on the cover...going into engine...its a difrent size,

oh yeah, get like 5' of hose from home depot or pep boys or somewhere too

the "upgraded hoses" are to short :thumbsup:


i will start a thread for this this weekend if u wanna wait

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My air box is all bent out of shape (I think the oil screwed it up) Does any one know if all of the air box's the same for 4.0. I'm going to try to find a valve cover and air box tomarrow.

i did away with the stock airbox all together and got a rustys intake tube, you can see it in my build thread, the link is in my sig."Project Mjolnir"

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