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There are a few comapnies that make headers for the 2.5. I think that if you get a header you should also get a cam, and gut the cat conv., and install a high flow muffler. Upping the exhaust pipe diameter I don't think is necessary in this case, as the 4.0 used the same 2 1/4" exhaust. Add to all that a throttle body spacer, remove the engine fan and install an electric, and put in a cold air intake and youll be all set! Thats my plan for when I have to rebuild my engine... if ever! The cam will be the hardest thing to come across. Ive only found one place that lists them http://www.amotion.com but their website says they will be closed till .... just rechecked... says re open April 2011!!! sheeesh!! I guess Ill need to do some more research to find someone else... thier catalog isnt even up anymore! BASTARDS! I know clifford performance lists a header, and I recently saw a couple others, but can't remember who. They must really like them thought because they were expensive! Let us know what youre gonna do, and good luck!


Is the 91 port injection or TBI???? If port injected you could get a 4.0 throttle body and a spacer, though theres specualtion on the use of a spacer with a port injection setup.... may or may not help performance.

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