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So im changing the spark plugs/wires...

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So I'm changing the spark plugs and wires in my new (to me) MJ and I'm starting to wonder if its the first time its ever been done... Heck, theres only 58K miles. It sure is starting a bit hard and idling a bit rough


The coolant hoses still have the AMC logo so i know those are original but the spark plugs look really old (not bad, just old).


the wires have "packard delcore electronic supression 7mm" printed on them. I tried to look it up and cannot find anything but that they came stock on 80's corvettes.



thoughts anyone? are these the original wires?

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Don't know, but I had similar things with my 87 when I got her 3 years ago. The TPS, IAC and all the Renix sensors were original. So were the shocks and steering dampener/stabilizer. Still have the dealer's window sticker and original purchase order somewhere in the garage too. Only had 74k on her and I'm not complaining.

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What year is your MJ?


My 89' had wires stamped with the date, and 'AMC' (even though Chrysler had already taken over by then).


I saved them.

I doubt anyone will want to restore it to stock 'someday', but I still can't stand to throw away 21 year old original date stamped parts like this. :dunno:


The plugs looked original too, but there's no way to be sure.

I tossed one of them in the box for posterity. ;)

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