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Valve Cover Woes

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Ok, now that the MJ is running again, its time to address another issue. My oil leak(s)


I'm gonna start small and do the valve cover gasket, even though I'm thoroughly convinced its the RMS.


But I know the jeep rule: make it better while you have it off. So should I go ahead and get the valve cover off a 97+ or should I just modify my existing valve cover? 64cheyenne told me what I need to do, but I honestly don't remember what all needs to be done.



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When I got my MJ, it had serious blowby issues (air filter soaked in oil). So I switched to a '94 H.O. aluminum cover. Blowby and valve cover leaks solved, but the baffle design was very similar to the Renix cover. I still felt I had high crankcase pressure (leaks slowed with the new cover).


So I switch to an '97 valve cover. Much more open baffle design and there is a rocker "splash shield" that I feel helps keep oil out of the lines. My little leaks stopped and my MJ now leaks nothing! I am happy for now. :yes:

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