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CJ's use D44 style inner knuckles, so the outers won't bolt to our XJ/MJ/TJ/ZJ/WJ style inner knuckles.


Even if they did work, you'd then have to use CJ stub axle shafts (to use the CJ hubs), and those only came from the factory in the weak 260 sized joints.




I should mention that people have taken CJ inner knuckles, and welded them onto XJ/MJ ft axles (since the CJ tube size is the same as XJ axles), so they could use D44 outer knuckles, stub shafts & hubs,

but that's alot of work for what you end up with. :dunno:


You can now buy D44 style outers (that take traditional D44 spindles, brakes, hubs, etc)

that will bolt onto our XJ style inner knuckles,

but they are not cheap.

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