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Some of me n my friends photography :)


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here's a somewhat good shot with some crappy quality :(24106_341477432958_643942958_4769357_8233335_n.jpg

A sweet Mirror shot of the Verrazano bridge


And here's a shot of over 30 Gencoupes lol :)26473_348087556084_699336084_4752963_5723511_n.jpg and my friends really sweet shot 26473_348087836084_699336084_4752988_3967805_n.jpg This is my friends 2010 Hyundai Genesis 2.0 Track edition with some dark tints,grille,fog light vinyls, fog light grilles and a lip and sideskirts with a black vinyl roof.... I absolutley love it

I know these arent Jeeps but a good looking car should always be appreciated



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yuo're missing the typical one guy that bought a 4door but wants to hang out with the coupe guys!


where's your token 4-door salooner? :mad:


:cheers: :cheers: just playin with ya man, crazy seeing that many of those next to each other when i've never seen ONE in person. cool lookin cars.

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The Genesis doesnt come in a 4 door! it comes in a 2.0 and a 3.8 and the other models are base/touring and a track package which has pretty much all the pretty and awsome stuff :brows:


what junk!?!! no 4 door?! i guess that means no wagons either! bah.(brick driver, see signature)


i seem to remember from the reviews/previews of it that the 2.0T would've been the hot-$#!& to get rather than the 3.8 right?

good lookin little cars man.

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