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Brake upgrade, need to confirn shopping list

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headed to the JY tomorrow to pick up the parts to upgrade my brakes and i just need to confirm the parts i will need all together,ive seen afew ways of doing this so that's why I'm a little hazy on the process,PLEASE HELP!

95-96 booster

H.O. brake light switch

Master Cylinder?

new lines from prop to booster or extend existing lines?

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I highly suggest getting a booster/master out of a WJ rather than from an XJ. The swap is so much easier, and pedal height will remain exactly the same, no higher than stock, with some added power over the XJ booster. When I did the swap on mine 2 weeks ago, I cut, reshaped, and re-flared the WJ lines to a double flare on the prop valve side. They are too long and are a bubble flare. Also, you wouldn't have to relocate the washer bottle.

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