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Hi everyone I have a 86 comanche 2.5 i redid all vacuum lines and decided to ck egr valve. So i hooked up a mighty vac to it and there was no change so i removed the egr valve hooked up again and it did not move or allow the gauge to build vacuum. So i bought a new one hooked it up to the mighty vac off truck same as old one no movement won't build vac am i missing something shouldn't apply a vacuum gauge to the egr make it move. Also its 4 wheel drive there is a blue vacuum line that goes underneath does it get hooked uo in engine compartment and where thanks in advance

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I really don't know 2.5's :oops:


But......there is also the EGR Solenoid on the drivers fender.


Check this page out, about 1/2 way down is the test for the EGR -


http://www.lunghd.com/Tech_Articles/Eng ... ostics.htm


That Blue vacuum line you mention........that the "supply" for the transfer case 4wd switch, it hooks up on the right side of the engine, near the charcoal canister, there is a Tee there, and the other run goes to the vacuum reserve in the right front bumper.

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