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SVO vs #2 diesel emissions:

Sir Sam

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For you SVO fans out there I thought you might find this interesting:





Modes 2, 3, and 5 were all lower(as pictured). Modes 1 and 11 are mixed bags, with some species being lower than others. Modes 6, 7 and 8 were all higher, by about as much as 2,3 and 5 were lower. I don't have the particulate data right now.


Next up in our calibration is a timing sweep to investigate the differences fuel consumption and 5 gas emissions at mode 3. Even though the emissions are better on SVO for mode 3(mode 3 = 2400 rpm 50% load) the fuel consumption is drastically increased.

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SVO = straight vegetable oil


I am confused by your terminology. What do gas emissions have to do with these tests? All I see are diesel and SVO tests, not gas. :hmm:




5 gas just refers to the types of emissions gasses measured.


o2 = Oxygen

CO = Carbon Monoxide

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

HC = Hydrocarbons

NO = Oxides of Nitrogen


Rob L.

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Yup, you guys got it.


We are working on a calibration for a JD4045 engine, in addition to the 5 gas we also have PM(Particulate matter) data as well. Right now we are preparing a timing sweep to address our worst fuel consumption point, once we get a feel for how to affect that we will go onto our 5 gas testing for that data.


We try and prepare everything carefully before doing the 5 gas testing, it costs $1600 a day(8hrs) to do.

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