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Reverse lights constant on

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This is on my 89 MJ BA10 4.0.

The PO said the reverse lights stayed on constant so he disconnected them...I think there was a sensor on the top of the tranny. He then wired in a set of small halogens on a switch for backing up. Fine for now but I am moving back to New Hamshire shortly and would like to take my Arizona Comanche with me.

NH has safety inspections and everything has to work....unlike here where who gives a hoot if it has no doors..tailights...a hood..as long as it passess emissions test...your O>K.

Back eas is opposite...who cares if it pollutes but it has to be safe.

Anyway, anyone know of the part number for that reverse sensor on top of the BA10 tranny...I was unable to locate it.


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