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Hallo everybody, here is a new one to join the club. A year ago i bought me an 88 MJ, 5speed 2wd.

The trouble with these cars is that you buy them just to have an USA pick-up truck ( i am from the netherlands) and then you fall in love with them. On the moment i am doing a kind of restoration and an update. Take away some rust and a respray. The engine has a nasty rattle and the trans is jumping out of reverse. So i bought a XJ as a donor car and planned to change it to 4wd auto. The mechanical work is no problem as i am a machanic myself.

Since the auto box is an electronic one, i am wandering what to do with the wiring.

Maybe one of you has experience with this conversion. Do i have to change the complete wiring harness or can i just cut off the wiring from the trans ecu and hook all the wires to the 88 harness according to the diagram in the manuals? The donor XJ is from 1990.

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You have the perfect donor with that '90 XJ for this project :thumbsup:


Reason is, it's still a Renix era electrics. You should not have to cut any wires, it's all plug and play with the connectors. The only thing you'll need from the AW4 is the wire harness and the TCU. That covers your electrical side of the conversion :D


You'll need the other items for the conversion, Check out this link, and it should walk you thru everything you'll need to do -




There are other topics on this, but that one really spells out everything you need to change out.

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