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emergency brake adjustment

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I put in a new emergency brake cable last weekendand tightened it pretty good but the truck will still move with it applied. In Mass. for inspection they apply the brake, put it in gear and give it a little gas....it's not supposed to move. I'm guessing I need to tighten up the rear brake shoes next, right? If I do that, should I back off the cabe tension a bit? Looking forward to working on it today.......it's ZERO degrees at 9:30am. Thankfully I have a kerosene heater and a garage, I may be able to get it to 50 or 60 degrees.

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Yes, you need to adjust the rear drums first, before you tighten up the equalizer for the cables.


HERE is the How-to for adjusting the rear brakes ( and it saves me alot of typing :D )


If you don't, you'll put a lot of stress on the cables, and the emergency brake mechanism, to the point.......some thing will break :eek:


Yea, we that the same deal in NY on the emergency brakes :fs1:

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