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electric fan

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1,Use a heat gun on the relay located at the bottom of the radiator. With the key on the fan should come on when the relay reachs it's temp.

2. Start the motor and let it warm up.When the radiator hose gets to hot for you to hold your hand on it the fan should come on.

There are more sophisticated ways but these are basic.

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For Renix era remove the aux fan relay which is mounted to left inner fender panel. Using a jumper wire with an In-line 25 amp fuse, supply battery voltage to terminal 4 of the relay connector. If fan operates, the motor is good. If fan motor does NOT operate, check for continuity between terminal 4 of the relay connector and body ground connections on the fender panel back from the relay connector. If continuity exists exists replace the fan motor. If continuity is not found repair the open and retest.

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