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Windshield seal

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We are now into rainy season here in Oregon. Rain 25 hrs per day. Anyways there is about 3 inches of standing water in the cab and I've found the leak. Front right corner of the foot-well behind the plastic interior trim. I suspect the windshield since both the drivers / pass side is flooded. Is there any sort of seal where the quarter panel meets the A-frame & hood? Need to replace the rear window seal too since there is water back there too. Really frustrating since I kept the car covered with a brand new tarp. Whole jeep is bone dry including bed except for inside the cab. :fs1:


Oh and I've done side windows before but never a front windshield. Any special tools I need and how hard is the job? Will be nice when I get my garage put back together. I just moved and now have a large two-car garage at my disposable. For now the jeep is just sitting outside drowning... :roll:

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If its is coming from the windshield , than you need a couple of things .


1, Good urethane sealant , pref. from glass shop .


2, Urethane pinch weld primer .


3, A cold knife , yes its a special tool .


4, New plastic clips that the windshield trim holds on to , if you don't break them cutting out the glass .


5, Probably a new windshield .


6, A long knife, another special tool .


7, A good sharp flat chisel or strong scraper . thin as possible .


8, A good caulking gun . stronger the better . That urethane is tough stuff.


Its not impossible to save the old windshield , just very hard . The hardest part are the corners and the bottom ,

at the cowl . It does take some patience . I can help you more if you need it .


What is your exp. with windshields . Its not an easy task if you don't know what your doing .

You can cut up your headliner real easy if your not careful . Like the hacks who did mine . :rant:


I can go step by step if you want . :thumbsup:

Let me know .

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