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Let me restate the question on trans swaps...

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Most everything else is tougher to come by:


2000-2001 (XJ) NV3550: pretty much the same dimensions as an AX-15 (even used the same bellhousing).

There were syncro issues with many of the '00's, so the 2001 version would be preferred

(unless the 2000 got a warrentee replacement, which most dealers did not want to do).


Even good versions of this tranny are pretty loud tho.


You could also use the TJ version of the NV3550, but you'd have to put up with the much taller shifter handle, and different clocking on the t-case

(same issues with using a TJ AX-15).

You can redrill, or use a clocking ring for the t-case, and I'm not sure if the shift handles are swappable.




I don't know the years offhand, but newer than the NV3550, you're looking at the Dailmler era 6 spd tranny that was used in TJ's next.


I have zero experience with this tranny, but I think it's dimensions are the same as the BA 10-5, AX-15 & NV3550.




Only other Jeep tranny that comes to mind would be a 'downgrade' to an older Jeep 4spd:


CJ's used Tremec/Ford (toploader) T-170 series trannies (whole series is usually referred to as 'T-176's).

Pretty tough trannies, and they use the same t-case & bellhousing bolt patturns, but you'd need to adapt the CPS to the bellhousing somehow

(4.0L's never used this tranny).

There are aftermarket bells with the Ford/T-176 tranny patturn + 4.0L CPS, but they're ~$500.


It's been a while since I saw a T-176 side by side with an AX-15, so I don't remember how much, if any that the length is off (I think the T-176 is shorter).



That's all I've got, unless you want to swap in an automatic. :dunno:

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