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Stubborn firewall connectors

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I'm in the process of clearing out my engine bay for paint and an engine swap (renix to HO) and I'm having trouble disconnecting the connectors that go in the connector behind the fuse panel. I've been quite brutal with it but it doesn't budge. Has anyone else had this problem? any advice on how to get it off? I've soaked it in rust solvent in the hope that it's just that the pins are corroded but I doubt that that could be the only problem.

I'm also a bit confused by the part that penetrates the firewall, it seems to have flanges on both sides of the firewall which means it wouldn't come out of the firewall either way :huh???:

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Yea, there is one small bolt from the engine bay side that hold the fuse box together.


It takes a 1/4" socket, and it's recessed in the connector. A universal joint is a big help in getting the bolt loose, and the bolt will stay with the connector.


Then there are two Phillips head sheet metal screws that hold the fuse box to the fire wall.

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