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noisy heater and fuel pump question

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I hope this is the right place for this post?? Recently, my father in law and I bought a 92 Cherkoee to tinker with then sell. When we bought it, the guy said it needed a fuel pump and gas tank and it had no heat. I had an extra gas tank/fuel pump so I didn't think that was a big deal. Switched them out and still needed to install a new fuel pump. Everything worked fine until we drove it about 3 miles, then the fuel pump got real noisy. I called Auto zone, they sid bring it back. Installed a 2nd new one and now the same thing. Could the fuel pump ballast thingy be the issue? We went to test it but our test had a lead wire break off so we couldn't use it. Any other causes of the pump being quiet at first, then becoming very noisy?


As far as the heater goes, we hooked up a couple of hoses to the heater core and made sure we were getting good clean flow through it and we were. Hooked the heating system back up and got heat back in the vehicle, but now there is a persistent whining sound coming from the area where the heater core is. It does this with the heater on or off, so I don't think it is the fan. Any thoughts?


Thanks for any advice you guys may have!

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Thanks for the input guys! Yesterday afternoon I messed with it some more and figured out the heater noise IS actually just the fan motor. Easy enough fix. The fuel pump issue I just can't figure out. 2 new pumps, a good clean replacement tank and a new fuel filter. Anybody know if the design of the inside of the tank is as such as it could be "vibrating" against a baffle or something? When installing the pump, I can feel something straight down to the left of the opening that the assembly tries to "rub" against and sometimes makes it fun to get the pump in. But IF this is the case, I wonder why the pump starts off normal (quiet) and then gets progressively louder? :dunno:

I think I may pick up a new ballast today just to see what happens.


Thanks again for the input!

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