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86 MJ (the test rig)

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Well I should be picking up an 86 MJ from a guy out in Lancaster on tuesday for $400. It has the gutless 2.8 with an auto tranny (Is this the torque flite a904 or the AW4?) and is 4x4. (if its an AW4 will it bolt up to my 4.0l? I want to have the second AW4 trans for my 92 XJ Buggy.) I say this is the test vehicle because I am going to build/breaking in a special stroker motor using the MJ. If you read JP magazine I am going to try to build and run their Insane Inline 6 engine (693hp 777lbft) Only I want to break the 800hp goal they were running at and throw it in the 92 Buggy. I plan on racing the 92 in all the major offroad/rock race series that I can. My friend builds engines for his race car and others so I will be working with him to build this and a few other specialized parts like the titanium driveshafts, AW4, and 609 axles.


Craigslist ad:


86 Comanche Long bed 4x4 automatic. 2.8l 6 cyl. Trans leaks at pan gasket. Floors rotted through but body in great shape with relatively no rust (except for floor). Bed in very good condition as well. Engine runs but would benefit from a tune up


Email from the seller

I do still have the jeep. the floors are flintstone. nothing there. the jeep had the rubber flooring and water got underneath it. the rockers and everywhere around the sides etc is in great shape but the floors are gone. as for driving it i would say no. it leaks tranny fluid through the pan gasket severely, it won't hold enough to fill the tourque converter. you can drive it on to a dolly or trailer or possibly around the block but that would be about it. the body is in better shape then 90% of the comanches out there and like i said if i wait 2 months i will keep it and redo it but the wife is getting on me to do something now hehe. here are a few pics. You will see from the pics the front bumper is off. i do have it in the bed along with the brackets.




If I do get it the first thing I am going to be doing is swapping my Engine (4.0 H.O) and trans (AW4). From what I have seen this is (off the top of my head and a few reminding comments) a list of things that I should be swapping right away:


-Wire Harness



-Fuel pump (gas tank also?)

-Motor Mounts

-Dash Harness (Ill swap the gauge cluster to keep an accurate mileage reading and to know that it works)

-Radiator and mounts



-Wire Harness

-Trans mount (Crossmember?)

-Shifter assembly (everything involved)

Transfer case

-242 swap (because I like the full time option and I won't break it with my setup)

Shortened driveshaft for the rear



I would tackle the floors next, Beating sheet metal into shape and then bead rolling, welding, and coating with POR 15 and a bedliner. What bedliner do you use? I have used Herculiner but I didnt like how after it got muddy it never went back to black, I think I have seen a urethane coating that helps with this but I don't know if it works. What about 3M Rubberized undercoating? (for floors top and bottom)


I also have the lift coils and shocks from my xj (3"). I don't have the leafs though as I sold them, What have people done for junkyard lifts (bastard packs) with the leafs? I plan on running 33" tires and 4-4.5" of lift.


New brakes all around (remove the Load sensing valve)

Fluid changes

Rust repair as needed



Next would come an updating of the interior/exterior:

97+ front clip (maybe)

97+ Doors (maybe)

97+ fenders (maybe)

Bucket seats from something (leaning towards stock xj seats)

97+ center console w/cupholders :brows:

Headliner (don't know what color/pattern)

Window tinting

Rear sliding window swap (I can't stand non sliding windows in trucks)

Homemade offroad bumper. Simple strong and pretty (I have an idea for these I just need to draw them up.


When I get back from Basic training in June I am going to do a desert tan paint job, get new tires for it, Lock it, Armor, And wheel the piss out of it.


So what should I be doing and what should I not do?





Here are the pics I was sent:


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It most likey has the 904, but I worry about an AW4 holding up to an 800HP engine. You may want to look at building a 727 type as found behind the 258 in the Grand wagoneers. I know there are a ton more performance parts for that trans and that they can be built for higher HP.


Okay thats what I thought but I wasnt sure.


as for the aw4 I am going to build it using the supra parts and possibly working with some manufacturers to make new parts to hold the power. (If it can hold a hard launch with 800hp then it can hold a DD driven stroker. Main reason is that I like my AW4 and it has alot of potential if done right.




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okay just a question . whats gunna have 800HP. if its the mj than its gunna be awsome.


The MJ is going to be the test bed for the engine, Meaning that I am going to build it in the MJ and run it in the MJ untill the buggy is ready for it. Once it is broken in I will be swapping the engine back into my 92 XJ with all the bugs worked out. I have yet to decide what engine is going to go into the MJ afterwards maybe a V8.

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I just got back from picking the Jeep up and will upload some pics later tonight. I am heading out to work on it a little and possibly drive it home from the shop.


Edit: Here are the pics:


Cab corner

Drain plug at cab corner

Are you able to tell from the picture if its a metric ton? I don't think it is because I have a D35.

D35 with Torx bolts?

You can see the sorry excuse for a drive shaft in this picture.

Did the factory ever apply bedliner to the rockers?

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