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Spray on Bedliner-Carpet Replacement?

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There have been a couple good posts in the DIY section that outline repairing rusty floors and then sealing them up with POR 15 and lining the floor with bedliner.


Personally I like the idea... I am leaning towards doing it to mine in the summer when I fix the rusted out floorboards. From what I can tell, the key to the job turning out well is like any other painting and all in the prep work.


If you don't plan on putting the carpet back in after lining the floor I would steer away from Herculiner. I like the stuff, but IMHO it is difficult to clean once dirt gets on it and will always look dirty. I would look into something with a little less texture... Maybe the Dupli-Color spray stuff or I saw another kit used on here recently applied from an air compressor spray gun.

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I used Grizzly Grip on my body. Thoght about it for my interior but decided to order a vacuum formed textured nylon liner instead. The bedliners are nice but messy for one. Also you will loose any sound deadining by not using a sound deadener like the jute. I don't know about everyone else but my tunnel gets hot and uncomfortable on my right leg.

I decided to use a sound damplifier on the entire floor....it is a foil backed 3mil elastomer rubber sheets that stick on to the metal.....they deaden road noise and also reflect heat. Then over the top of that i layed a layer of heat reflecting insulation available at most upholstery stores. Then layed the vinyl floor over that. It dropped the road noise considerably, killed the heat off my tunner and I love the new textured vinyl floor.

It was not too bad of a job...biggest bugger is getting the seat out along with the seatbelts...love them star fasteners.

I am very pleased with how it worked out and am glad I did not line the floor with bedliner.

Of course if yours is a pure offroad vehicle them maybe you would not care but for daily driving you will have alot of road noise without some sort of insulating/noise barrier.

Total cost for me was $140.00 for the new vinyl formed flooring, $170.00 for the Sound Damplifier and probably $30.00 for the heat reflecting floor insulation. You could forgo the Damplifier and use 2 layers of the double foil backed heat insulation as it is only 1/2 thick...or even just one layer...but it does make a difference.


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Bedliner is neither a rust stopper or preventer. Be sure to treat the floor with something like POR15 or Rust Bullet, before your spray the bedliner. You will notice increased noise/heat.


I sprayed U-Pol Raptor in the bed of my truck. I think it would work great inside the cab too. My plan is: POR15, Raptor, Carpet with no insulation pad (I like carpet). Some liners leave a really rough texture that traps dirt and grime for ever....* cough*Herculiner* cough* The Raptor is smooth and could easily be cleaned.

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Awesome! Thanks for all the info. I will probably pick a smoother spray on liner and do it that way. I don't plan on doing a lot of off-roading but I want somthing that will be cheap but durable and easy to clean. Thanks for all your input!

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