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that darn trackbar bolt


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man, that tracbar replacement was a pain...

the bolt that goes through the bushings ( passengers side of vehicle) was a pain in the ars!

the nut on the end.....nuts stuff

what were the designers thinking????

it took me like 2 hrs of beating, (not beating off), torching, and bloddy knuckles to get it off


the old bar is a moog....but of course, no receipt so no return......


i stripped out the bolt, called to get a new one from dodge dealer

oh yeah, i noticed that the stabalizer shock was leaking a bit so I'm replacing it today also.


i hope this is the end of this mission


if there are no more "clunks", I'm gonna take it for an alignment next.

anyway, just wanted to share my hellish night i had.


see ya!

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