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Full Console from an 97 XJ in the 89 MJ?

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I picked up a full console in nice shape today from a Cash for Clunkers 1997 Cherokee Sprot at the PnP (got a good deal too)...


I wanted to see what kind of heartache I'd be looking at to install on my MJ without also swapping the dash and everything. (I also took the rear mounting bracket)



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This swap in the thread was done in an XJ but the process should be similar in an MJ:



I thought there was a better write up on Naxja, but i couldn't find it.


Thanks, doesn't look too bad... no ebrake to move. I think it only cost me $16 for the whole console with shiftboot and mounting stuff, so I'm not out that much if it doesn't work out.


I also picked up an MJ Full Console Black Instert (with the eBrake slot blocked out) that I could move over to my existing XJ console if the other one doesn't work out.



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Doing a little test fitting now... I think the back will be OK...and the screw by the T-Case handle matches, up, but on the right side of the Stick, there is nothing to bolt it up too...might have to try to fab up something (that I'm HORRIBLE at).


There will be a gap up front, but not sure how much that will bother me... I guess I'll see...







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