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1989.JEEP COMANCHE(MJ)----My car----"Small green"


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Half year front.The friend deposits his"comanche" in my store to sell.Is a perhaps a fit of impulse.Perhaps is I like the new and dislike the old.I don't know why to sell out mine" small




The winche of the home become mildewed fast.So install the bodywork of" small green"!. :cheers: But.See winche ugly kind.Dislike really very!! :mad:

So I disintegrate "it" and Send to apply paint factory and to the" the pearl is blue"

Sparkling of!!.

And the ARB bump and the SAFARI air pipe let the texture rising of" small green" right away!!!!

The home still has two winches.Want to roast what color?H'm~" the pearl white"!!



Scrape of be like a paint of dog.The whole body of spraying is a mud.Is " the biggest results in battle" that the 8/19 nights fights!!

Good heavens~I fear a car most soiled.

All right!Give it big hairdressing!!and " JeeP sticker "manufactured before. post to the " car tail"....

Xi~I feel very beautiful :oops: :oops:




Please visit my photograph book-2006/9/3 石門溪


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