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Dana Axles

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For the front:

You can use all factory parts to convert from 8 lug to a 5, or 6 lug ft.

Swapping the 5, or 6 lug ends on an 8 lug axle has the side effect of reducing the overall width of the axle too.


For the rear:

If you want to keep it full floating, you'd have to machine the ends to run 5, or 6 lug.

This D60 has 30spline axles, so if you want run 35sp with the FF ends you usually have to machine out the spindles as well.


The other way is to cut the full floating ends off, weld on (9" Ford) semifloating axle ends, then swap in custom length 35, or 40 spline SF shafts, in any bolt pattern they want.


I run a SF D60, and like it, but others prefer not to lose the FFer's weight carrying ability.





What's wrong with just running 8 lug?

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The reason for changing is I want the strongest axles I have to put under a CJ or a MJ frame. Not sure yet which one I'm going to use.Want to use as many parts as possible that I already have.I have 3 J20's.I also have 18 6 lug rims came off a 1Ton FC170. with 34 inch tires on them.Also not to mention another 2 dozen or more 5 lug Jeep rims I have.I also feel there is a wider selection in 6 lug than 8 lug. I know that with enough bucks I could buy anything I wanted but like I said. I'm trying to keep this project going with what I already have. Tnx to JPNJIM, gave the most informative answers.Jim

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