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Hard start problem. Need help please.

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I'm having an issue with my project MJ. Let's start with its history first.


It's a 99 Cheromanche. I've pulled everything from my old 99 XJ and stuck it in this MJ.

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In order to keep the fuel tank in the stock position, I swapped in the H.O. fuel rail, injectors, lines and pump.


The problem is whenever I try to start it; it takes about 5 times before it will fire up. Once it fires up, I have to work the gas pedal until the idle smoothes out or it will die. After about a minute of that, it will idle on its own and run fine. At this point I can kill it and start it back up with no problems. I just pulled and cleaned the throttle body and sensors on it, but it didn't seem to help. Any suggestions?




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it sounds like the fuel controls are not working properly like when cold starting. Since you just swapped everything from xj to mj make sure the different sensors, injectors, engine control unit,and wiring connections and routing are compatible. Then bust out a manual and test fuel and emission controls and ignition. Good luck

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