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97 washer bottle modification wiring

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Awhile back Hornbrod had posted a 'how-to' in changing out the pre-96 washer bottle for a 96-plus XJ washer bottle that sits inside the fender. I am trying to figure out the wiring for that mod now.


I have been slowly working my way through a 89 XJ engine bay wiring harness (cleaning, checking and repairing) and have gotten all the way around to the washer bottle. I believe I have the power leads for the two pumps (even though I will only be using the leads for the front pump I will wire the other pump as well for a spare), I do not have a 96 or later wiring diagram that shows the color codes for the fluid level sensor. I suspect wiring it backwards would make the indicator illuminate all the time, so I'd like someone with that knowledge to chime in :D


The old 89 harness has three plugs:


washer pump front: violet with white tracer/black (ground)

washer pump rear: violet with orange tracer/black (ground)

fluid level sensor: violet with white tracer/white with black tracer


On the 96/97 model it is:


washer pump front: black with white tracer/black (ground)

washer pump rear: black with white tracer/black (ground)

fluid level sensor: ?



Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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