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Advice on a Jeep 2.5 litre

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hey i'm looking at buying my first mj its an 87 with a 2.5 4 cylinder and i was just wondering what types of issues or problems i should be looking forward to with that engine also which jeep engine you guys best prefer. here's the add


that and if you see any problems with this one that i should know about


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There's another thread here discussing this truck. A couple of people think it's an okay price, not because of the truck but because of the "extras." Others of us think it's priced WAAAAAY too high.


I agree on the welded Dana 35 rear axle. Welded is not "locked" -- it's "welded." It doesn't act like a locker, it doesn't drive like a locker ... and it will self-destruct VERY quickly. Aside from that, I'm in the group that looks at the truck, not the "extras." I think this thing is priced at least $1,000 too high for the truck. I wouldn't touch it. But I also wouldn't heavily modify any MJ I got. There are so few of them, I think they should be preserved. There are plenty of XJs available cheap if you want to build a trail rig.

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I am in Portland and have a Comanche I need to sell. 91 with 4.0 6cyl, aw-4, and 4wd. I bought it and put a good used engine in it and haven't had time for much else. I have almost no off street parking and 5 vehicles for 3 people! :eek: I haven't advertised it. It runs and drives good but does have a couple issues that will need attention. Here is the short build thread on it with pictures. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=16937&hilit=redface . I need $1200 for it which is what I have in parts in it. Let me know if that might work for you.

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