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Oil Pan Paint question

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Greetings fellow club members.


I have been working on fixing my oil pan leak in what Limited time I have (sundays) but I had a day off from school (Vets day) so I got some work done. Got the pan pulled out - what a female dog. Anyways, I figured I'd clean it up a little. So I did.


Didn't give much thought to the heat resistance of the paint applied - It is 200F.


So the question: will paint with a 200F heat resistance be ok for the oil pan?


please advise. Mind as well get it right while I have the tools, pan off, and the opportunity to.





ps. after this oil leak, wipers and I'll pass inspection, and I'm 18 tomorrow. :cheers:

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You'll want to put some higher temp paint on. I used paint intended for charcoal grills. It was pretty cheap and has a very high temperature rating. Picked it up at Home Depot and brushed it on - nice matte black finish and it has held up pretty well so far. Ideally, I would have liked to use some high temperature paint with resistance to rock chips, but now we're talking more $$

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I used "black velevet" since I had some laying around.




Getting the grease off it was the worst. Use the gasket from the dealer as opposed to the NAPA one if you do not want it to leak.


That was over 5 years ago and it is still in great shape. Oil temps should run in the 180-220º range.

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