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wierd electrical issue on my ATV?


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i took my quad out for a quick ride down the roads tonight and a wierd charging issue is poping up . ive got 2 sets of headlights on my bike


the little ones on the bumper are NOT factory i added them.


my problem is that as I'm driving along theyre getting dim then blinking out then coming back on and one will go off for a min then back on , many times in a cycle. but the odd thing is it gets worse the higher the bike revs ? :dunno: any ideas . just so yea know its a 1992 yamaha big bear 350 .


another problem is that sometimes i have NO electrical power from the battery . ill be going along then the lights will start pulsing sometimes( i driive with my lights on all the time to pervent another issue) and if i turn it off theres nothing as if the batterys dead BUT if i pull start it and give it a quiick rev the nutral light will comon steady and so will the headlights .


the other problem is that if i don't have my headlights on the second problem will ALWAYS happen all the time exept the revese light will com on really dim?


as you can tell I'm really lost here electrical id not my strong point so ANY ideas that might even possibly make sense will be of some help before i start buying parts i don't need or tear the bike apart.

thanks for reading this really long post.

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well i looked at it tonight and.... it was a broken fuse conector. not a bad fuse a busted conecter that holds the fuse. THIS whole time ive been pull starting my bikt(which has wicked comprsion and no decompressor ) because of a broken fuse conector....

well at least its fixed now :D

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