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clutch kit

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picked up my new clutch kit

turns out i have an inbred comanche,

it is a late 86 build that has 87 parts in it


my kit came with a hydraulic throwout bearing (internal slave cyl),

my transmission has an external slave cyl so they are diffrent,

what do i do? i have a throwout bearing for a external, but even with my new clutch it doesnt engage,

could this be a problem due to the slave cyl/throwout bearing?

how do i properly bleed my slave? do i push the piston all the way in, and step on the clutch, and bleed?

if not, how would i do it?

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This is per the manual.


1) Fill master cylinder reservoir with DOT 3 brake fluid. On all models except Wrangler, compress slave cylinder plunger by pushing release lever as far forward as possible.


2) Attach rubber hose to slave cylinder bleeder screw. Immerse other end of hose in glass container 1/2 full of brake fluid. Loosen bleeder screw and have an assistant depress clutch pedal. Tighten bleeder screw and release pedal.


3) Repeat bleeding procedure until fluid entering container

is free of bubbles. DO NOT allow reservoir to run out of fluid during bleeding. Refill clutch master cylinder to level mark on reservoir.


Is it possible you put the clutch disc in backwards? I did that once.... I'll never do a clutch job past midnight with tired eyes again. :doh:

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