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Rocker replacement

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JC Whitney sells (or used to sell) replacement rocker panels for the 4-door XJ. Those would also work for the MJ and I assume (always dangerous, I know) that they should be available from any of the mass body panel vendors like Sherman, Veng, etc. I don't know of anyone offering cab corners.

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I posted some of these pics in my build thread.


My cab corner was junk, so that came off first:



Then starting cutting off the junk rocker, to the inner rocker seam:



Once I got it all off, I test fit the new one:


Then cleaned it up underneath, before burning it in:

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Perfect, my MJ was wacked in the passenger cab corner and both rockers are beat up. Those pics help alot. I also like the protectors! :thumbsup:


Now I just gotta find a welding rig an someone to teach me how to use it! :dunce:

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My advice would be to make sure the framework behind the metal you are replacing is where it should be.


I didn't realize that my inner cab corner was pushed in a little above the door handle.


It's not horrible, but I need to pull it out so the door seam will line up right.

I wasn't looking for 'damage' that far up, and everything else was so bent, I didn't have a reference point to tell it had moved in.


It would've been VERY easy to pull that out before the cab corner went on, now that it's welded on, it needs either a frame rack, or some high quality redneck engineering. :D



As far as welding sheetmetal, get a MIG (gas, not flux core), set it up with the thinnest wire it'll take, turn the settings down, and practice alot.


Some days my welds come out just the way I want, other days not so much.

I welded some thin-ish gauge the other day (ammo cans),

first one came out perfect,

second one I was on cruise control (+ it was getting dark, and I couldn't see the work as well),

when I lifted my mask, I had blown right through the can. :ack:

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