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my XJ videos


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here are a few vids of the racing we do , enjoy !!



this was my first time racing. 31`s with no lift + motocross jumps = rear frame destroyed lol


this is why it`s important to beef up your tie rod !!!


I broke both rear shocks on the first run, causing the bounce lol


broke an aluminum rim in half coming off the second jump


one of my better runs lol

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it is loads of fun. we cover most of the province !! this was my second year racing in the series, first year for points . i learned a LOT in the last year , working the suspension bugs out and finding a setup that works. I beat that poor cherokee as much as i posibly could , towed it across Nova Scotia with a fozzy locked 8.25 on a tow dolly, and always brought it home in one piece lol. people can say what they want about the Dana 30, but mine was NEVER trussed, and it saw more time off the ground than on it, and never let me down !

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