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Idiot Light

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I know this has been explained alot but can someone show me pictures of what you have to change to put in full guages and where they go? Where are the sensors? :grrrr: I hate my idiot speedo and want a real temp guage... and a tach.

Sorry for being a pain.




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I just did this mod. You will have to change both the oil and temperature switches to sender units. The oil switch/sender is near the oil filter and the coolant temp is on the driver side of the engine tward the rear next to the valve cover.


An extensive writeup on the swap with lots of pix and the exact part numbers for the sending units that you need to get is on the NAXJA website here:




It even shows you how to reset the odometer to match your trucks actual miles! :thumbsup:


Be careful when removing the speedometer cable from the rear of the cluster in your truck - it breaks easy and then you will have to pull another one at the JY when you pick up the full cluster. Also - 86-90 (Renix) clusters are diffrent from 91-96 (HO) For the least problems get a cluster from the same year and engine (4 or 6 cyl) in your truck.

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