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Rear Shattered

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After a weekend of wheeling, my D35C is no more. From reading on here and google it seems my two best options are a D44 or a Ford 8.8. A few unanswered questions:

If I get the 8.8, what do I do with the lever attached to the 35 that tells how much braking to give it? Don't I need some sort of calibrator for converting to disc rears, wouldn't it just be worth finding a drum 8.8? I know I have to reweld the perches, not a problem. But does this have any real benefit that a D44 doesn't have?

D44 is just drop in (with the right gear ratio), correct?

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Finding a D44 from a Comanche will be difficult. If you are fortunate enough to find one from a Cherokee, you will still have to relocate the spring perches.


Don't overlook the Chrysler 8-1/4 axles out of Cherokees. The later model ones (1997 thru 2001) are 29-spline axles that are very nearly as strong as a Dana 44, and they are the correct width for a Comanche. With a Ford 8.8, you have to run either aftermarket rims or spacers.

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All XJ axles need to have the perches relocated. XJs had the springs over the axle, MJs had the springs under the axle. Also, the center-to-center distance is different for the XJ, so even if you were doing a spring-over-axle conversion using an XJ axle you would have to move the perches. The ONLY direct bolt-in axle for an MJ is from another MJ.

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