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...if i have a comanche with the metric ton package? the only thing i have read on how to check is the rear springs (either 4 or 5). its a 1989 comanche, 2wd, shortbed, 4.0l, aw4, with a d44 in the rear. i can't check the gear ratio tag cause it rusted away, and i have yet to pop off the differential cover. the comanche is not at my house so i can't even count the springs. what are some key givavways to know if i have the metric ton package or not.

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Well, usually a metric ton is a LWB, but the original owner could have just checked off for the heavy duty axle when ordering... I don't think jeep made Metric ton SWBs.


Do you have the vin handy?


But if you are sure that you have a D44, that's the meat and 'taters of it anyway...

Rob L.

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You never know, somebody at some point may have swapped the MT springs and D44 into a shortbed.

Which would create a shortbed MJ with non-OEM springs and rear axle, not a Metric Ton Comanche. The Metric Ton package was offered only on the longbeds.


My '87 Pioneer shortbed has a Dana 44 axle, Trac-Lok, and front tow hooks. I've never counted the leaves in the rear springs, but regardless of how many leaves I find, it isn't a Metric Ton.

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