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Have 90 2wd pioneer 4cyl 5spd (good body)converting to 4wd with parts from 90 6cyl automatic trans 4wd Eliminator(very rusty big rust holes!). Any advice? I have air tools cherry picker etc. and have done engine and trans swaps,and suspension work.Just looking for things to watch out for . Do I report conversion to Insurance or have to re-register it? They don't have any inspections here,especialy with minimum ins. coverage. Are all Dana 35's C-clip? one says 35C the other looks like just 35 . are 2wd and 4wd 4-links the same?

4wd is short bed 2wd is long bed and drive shaft dia. is way differant should I shorten 4cyl big diameter shaft or look for used long bed 4wd shaft? how much $ is used drive shaft?

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Personally, I would find a different donor.


1. Your trans will not work. Not only will you need to find an ECU, but the TCU and 6 cylinder AW-4 will not cooperate with the 4 cylinder ECU. You'll need the 4 cylinder flexplate, torque converter, and bellhousing. Plus, while both the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder use an AW-4, they're set up differently and you won't like the 6 cylinder setup behind the 4 popper.


2. You won't have a stick anymore! :fs1:


3. Your 4 cylinder 5 speed should have a 4.10 geared rear axle. The 6 cylinder auto will have 3.55 geared axles. In order for you to get it to work, you'd have to move the rear axle over to the 4 cylinder, and believe me,(check my signature), the last thing you want for that 4 cylinder is 3.55 gearing.


4. It'll be easier to just have your 2wd shaft cut down. I did mine for my 4wd swap in my 2.5 for about $100, which was a cut, balance, and new U-joints.


5. The front driveshaft from the donor will be at least 4 inches too long.


You will be much, much better off going out and finding a 4 cylinder, 5 speed 4wd XJ that's rusted to hell to use as a donor.


edit: thought of more stuff.


You'll need a 4 cylinder automatic radiator. You'll want to find a floor shift kit(if the eliminator doesn't have one. I don't know if the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder ones are the same or not.


You'll need different T-case linkages. The T-case in a 6cylinder sits much farther back.


Yes, the front suspension for a 2wd beam and Dana 30 are identical.


As for the D35 C clip issue... no, they are not all C clips. in 91 it went to a C clip version. However, the 'c' in D35c does not denote C-clip.

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Thanks for the input. I left out a few details. :doh: I have both complete trucks they both are drivable ,the 4cyl needs rebiulding and the rusted body 6cyl 4wd needs trackbar and tie rods . I'm swaping the 6cyl auto t-case front and rear axles radiator exhaust front drive shaft ( and ECU thanks for pointing that out) into the 2wd pioneer. Unless I find a manual trans with external slave cheap ,is AX-15 external slave?

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If you're putting the 4.0 into the 4cylinder, you'll need more than just the ECU. You'll need to move over ALL the wiring, engine bay and under the dash.


You'll still need a new driveshaft.


AX-15s can be found both internal and external slaves. 89-~93 will be internal, anything after should be external.


The sender in the tank is the same for a lwb tank and a swb tank. You'll need the 6 cylinder pump. You can either move over just the pump, or the whole sender if you want. Senders should be identical.


I DO, however, recommend finding a 4.10 Dana 30, and keeping the 4.10 rear. Granted, the 4.0/auto combo can do just fine with 3.55, you'll get much more pep with the 4.10 and be all set if you go for bigger tires in the future. That is, if your 2.5/5 speed has the 4.10 like it's suppose to. It might have 3.55 or 3.73

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True 410's are nice I have those in my RAM with 35"tires.So to find a 410 front I would look under a 4cyl 4wd?(That would be a future project). For this winter we might just fix a few things on donner truck and My Son will drive that and see how things go . I might be ahead of the game to just make a flat bed trail beater out of donner vehicle. How hard is it to swap a wire harness? can things be unplugged and fed through fire wall.Instrument cluster swap would gain a tach that 4cyl did not have.

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I can't help you much with the wiring, however, a gauge cluster with a tach will be a direct bolt in as it sits right now. You'll have to adjust the poteniometer on the back, but it's already wired for the tach.


You should be able to find a 4.10 Dana 30 under a 4cylinder with a 5 speed, or some autos. If it's got a 4 speed, it should be 3.55, so verify ratio before you buy it.


No, dash doesn't have to come apart to swap in the tilt column... but you will have to remove it to change over the wiring.

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