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Shock Lengths

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I just got my HD 3" rustys coils on my comanche and it lifted it about 3.5" and i found a great deal on shocks on ebay (scratch & dent and discontinued) http://stores.ebay.com/Superlift-Suspension-Systems ($10 superlift shock, $9 for Black Diamond shock) BUT the shock they list for a MJ with a 3" lift seems to be a little short. it mesures 24.67 extended 14.79 collapsed. my jeep is 21" from shock mount to shock mount. figuring out what shock i need with there charts is giving me a headache! i thought i would share the link and maybe get some help finding shocks for mine.


and i can't flex my jeep out and get working mesurements because it don't move :P just looking for something that i can extend more than 3.5 inches without maxing the shock out

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don't hold me to this but i remeber reading on several occasions that a ggod baseline is 4" uptravel from level and 6"+ drop. IIRC those shocks will only give you 3.67" of drop and 6.21 of stuff so they seems backwrds to what i have heard UNLESS and this is a chance I flipped the numbers around.



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