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87--->92 Engine wiring/swap

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Hey guys, I know the info is buried in the forums somewhere but I figured my situation was different enough to explain in detail.

87 4.0L 5spd comanche originally. Replaced the engine recently with a donor 4.0L HO from a 92 cherokee.

I only got the engine and wiring/sensors directly on the engine. I am pretty good with auto 12v and don't mind wiring from here to high heaven, but I need to know what to wire.

What are the main "uh-ohs" that I am going to run into trying to swap in a 92 engine to an 87 shell? Thanks much guys.

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Hello, and welcome to the club. In cases like yours, when going from a RENIX to a HO engine, most here recommend a full vehicle harness swap. There are quite a few differences. I believe there is a site where they got an HO motor to run on a RENIX setup, but it escapes me.


Rob L.

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there was a member on here that attempted to get an HO to run on a Renix engine harness only (was it Corey?), but the last I heard of that project he was selling it, saying it had some "issues".....couldn't get it right I suspect.


You'd be better served finding an HO interior harness and swapping it in. If you can't find an MJ one, you can use an XJ one but you'll have to splice in part of your existing Renix cab harness (the subharness that connects the rear lighting and fuel pump wiring)



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