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Calling all parts pros...


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I am having trouble finding my axle bearing kit in the loacl parts stores... I think I found what I need on randys ring and pinion, but wanted to just pick one up around here, dealer (last option), or parts store... The local parts guy (who used to work at the chrysler plant) told me Jeep has a patent on the Dana 44 with the aluminum housing, and that it was a dealer part only... I don't know, I know we have some Mopar parts guys here, and wanted to make sure I am getting the right stuff.


What you need to know...


Axle is out of a '98 ZJ, 5.2L. Open carrier, D44 with the aluminum center section. 3.73 gears.


According to Randys R&P, this is what I have, and the kit I need...


http://www.ringpinion.com/DiffDetails.a ... iffID%3d16


http://www.ringpinion.com/ProductDetail ... rodID=3470


Anyone know if I can get the kit from a parts store, or will I have to order it online?


Thanks in advance,

Rob L. :thumbsup:

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Not to hurt your feelings but I'd ditch that aluminum 44 and spend the dough on getting a real one. With the problems I've heard of with that thing you'll be spending more money and in the end will probably have to get a new one anyway.



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I actually ditched a d35 for it, but its in a DD ZJ, with no offroading... I got it with 3.73's for $65. All it has to do now is get the ZJ around... No towing except for my small 4x8, and no heavy use. For what I do, I think it will work. I just want to not be afraid to drive it long distances... I miss just being able to hop in it, and go.


Rob L.

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With that axle, just remember that you CANNOT jack up the rear of the vehicle with an axle jack under the pumpkin. If you do, the weight of the vehicle will warp the center section and you'll always have problems.


The ZJ and WJ owners manuals don't tell you this. The WJ factory shop manual DID tell me this. I never owned a ZJ so I don't know if it's in the ZJ FSM.


Since you're looking at a used axle, check it carefully for straightness, because thete's a strong possibility somebody else has already jacked it up by the pumpkin. To be honest, IMHO the Dana 35 is a better axle than that so-called Dana 44 aluminum piece of detritus.

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